About Campfire Guy

About Campfire Guy

Mack “Campfire Guy” Paradowski has become the Goldilocks of outdoor gear.  Since his family joined Cub Scouts in 2011, he has purchased and returned to various retailers, no less than (5) backpacks, (4) family tents, (2) sleeping bags and (1) sleeping pad.

He has (4) kids ages 11, 7, 9 and 4, (1) amazing Campfire Wife and (1) tiny pound puppy that thinks she’s a cat.  When he’s not reading gear reviews for fun and creating packing lists for upcoming trips, he can be found traveling to the numerous Texas State Parks in around Dallas / Ft. Worth.


Photo Courtesy of Tony Gutierrez


Mack coaches youth baseball, volunteers with Boy Scouts and is currently serving as Cub Master of his 9-year-old son’s Cub Scout Pack.  So many cats to herd.  (editors note – that joke will show up in at least a dozen places on this site)

His love of camping, outdoors, learning to tie new knots, researching new gear and avoiding raccoons is the inspiration for this website.

Let his many walks of shame to the return counter be your guide to gearing up for your next camping adventure.

In addition to the completely flattering photo below, Campfire Guy can also be found at:

Twitter – @realcampfireguy

Instagram – campfireguy

Facebook – @therealcampfireguy



I have only one good side. Unfortunately, the front, is not that side.
I have only one good side. Unfortunately, the front is not that side.